D’Curve Development Services

With a view to re-define the true meaning of a lifestyle that lives by the trends and recent evolutions in the world of modern furnishings, Charan and Guru have been involved in creating masterpieces that are a blend of sophistication and aesthetics, in the name of D‘Curve. Charan with his chemical engineering degree has now found that manufacturing is no more a stream of career but his true passion. He now manages the manufacturing and production process, which indeed is what he masters in. Guru being a design expert holds his bachelor degree in interior designing and has depicted excellent skills in various projects as a lead for various MNC’s. He currently brings his design ideas to life by creating exceptional kitchens and storage systems for Indian homes.

Being strong believers of how Functionality and Aura are true spirits of creating magic indoors, they have been constantly engaged in helping you find the right furniture for your home, that truly defines you. Having gained experience and expertise from diverse fields, they have been keen on adding a touch of elegance to contemporary homes, with timeless designs that not just uplift the aesthetics of a living space, but also make storage easy, convenient and hassle-free. With the promise to deliver excellence at every step, their motto lies in using advanced technology to manufacture high-quality furniture that not just suffices the need of ergonomics but also exhibits great efficiency.

Why choose D'Curve?

With a perfect blend of Simplicity and class, D’Curve aims at rendering you a splendid experience in the name of modern furniture.

Being inspired by the 10 design principles of Dieter Rams, the unique architectural wonders are crafted with utmost care to exhibit honesty, greater aesthetics, innovation, usefulness and durability. From top-quality wardrobes to meticulously designed drawer units, the versatile range of kitchen and storage systems re-define the look and feel of your living space that depict flawless functionality.

It is seldom true that the place you live in speaks high of the luxe you exhibit, which is why every single product is designed with utmost care and concern to help you get your personalized choice, that truly defines you in every form. Every single unit manufactured involves a perfect blend of excellent quality raw material and hardware that contribute to greater durability with admirable aesthetics.

The kitchens that are designed by us not just ease your daily chores, but also let you bond with your family to create those lasting memories. Every kitchen unit is manufactured with the essence of a personal touch and is an outcome of strenuous efforts and advanced technology, to help you find a masterpiece that will last for generations to come. With phenomenal engineering and design, the creations of D Curve that you bring home, not just extend your living space, but also add a revamped look and feel to your dream home.

Why Choose Us?


We work on beautifying every single space, big or small

After all we create outstanding interior deigns with great detail.


Designs that stand by honesty, greater aesthetics, innovation and usefulness

Every new project we develop comprise of innovative technology and creative solutions


We always deliver highest quality

Today the market has a number of low quality products, our aim is to eradicate this practice with best quality output


Perfect blend of simplicity and class

Being driven by an individual approach, we create a comfortable living space for every client